• DASH-The Cardboard Robot | botropolis.com

    „DASH is partially designed so that it can run straight at 1.5 meters per second. It can climb up obstacles twice its height. It can fall from a multistory building and survive completely undamaged. And if that wasn’t enough for you, it can be constructed for under $50 from parts found at your local RadioShack.“

  • A Hidden Star Trek Treasure Chest Found Online

    „Forgotten Trek gives the show’s production values their due. The site, started by Nick Ottens, features loads of extensive behind-the-scenes info on the Gene Roddenberry franchise, including interviews with production staff like Syd Mead, who worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture before he put his touch on Blade Runner and Tron.“

  • NASA Narrows Robotic Missions to Three Contenders

    „NASA on Tuesday selected three finalists to be the agency’s next cheap, robotic exploration mission. Depending on which wins, a probe will head for Venus, the moon, or a near-Earth object no later than 2018.“

  • Space Nazi Movie Finally Launches Into Production – Iron Sky

    „Producers will begin filming the Iron Sky feature film in Frankfurt next spring, and they hope to have the movie finished by the end of 2010…
    Iron Sky has around five million euros to play around with. This means they can build real sets.“